Strat-o-matic Stock Retro Football League (SSRFL)  
Commissioner: Michael Stucchi
Our league is a stock retro league that uses the latest Strat-O-Matic (SOM) Computer Football game.  The SSRFL is a stock team, continuous ownership league 1957 through each season SOM has produced in sequential order.  All NFL teams for the particular season we are playing will participate.  There are no player trades allowed.  There are no annual player drafts.  Each head coach operates his own NFL affiliated franchise as carded by SOM each year with no adjustments.  ALL games are to be played live using the SOM Netplay feature.    
Interested in joining SSRFL Strat-o-matic Stock Retro Football League? Read our Constitution, if you like what you see send me e-mail!

1984 NFL Week #11 due 11pm EDT
Sunday 7/29/2012

1984 NFL Week #11 League File
1984 NFL Week #11 Prefiles

1984 League Directory

1984 Schedule of Events
1984 Final NFL Standings

SOM Computer Football Game Rules (PDF)
SOM Computer Football Game Rules (.html)
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1984 USFL Week #12 due 11pm EDT Sunday 7/29/2012
1984 USFL Week #12 League File
1984 USFL Week #12 Prefiles

1984 USFL League Directory

1984 USFL Schedule of Events
1984 USFL Final Standings


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